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6mm 2" Disk Adapter 6mm 2" Disk Adapter
8.65 €
Flex M14/9,5 adapter Flex M14/9,5 adapter
9.40 €

2″ CARBIDE NUGGETtm WHEEL by Mastercarver® High-performance tools! These wheels remove wood faster, leave the surface smoother, and resist clogging better, than others we’ve tried!

They feature super-tough nuggets of wear and impact resistant Tungsten Carbide, permanently brazed to the steel rim. These “nuggets” of coarse carbide grit are more durable than the pointed carbide used on others.

Unlike other wheels, the open grain air-cooled design virtually eliminates clogging, buildup or overheating. These wheels will fit ¼ or 6mm capacity flex-shaft tools and grinders - depending on the mandrel you purchase or already have.

Wheel diameter 2″ (50mm) x 3/8″ (10mm), Hole size: 3/8″ (9.53mm),

For work with straight grinder or flexible shaft in europe please use with 6mm Cup Adapter. Sold separatelly.

Maximum speed 10,000 RPM.

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Toroid Raspelscheibe Ø50mm

  • Hersteller Mastercarver
  • Artikelnr. MC-nugget-50
  • Verfügbarkeit Lagernd

Tip: If you don't yet have a 6mm shaft adapter, you will need to order it along, as this disc can not be installed onto MiniGrinder. It is used together with 6mm shaft on a straight grinder or in combination with flexible shaft.

  • 34.90 €

  • Netto 28.61 €

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