• Burnmaster Brennschleifen Bausatz, 17-teilig

Do you have an idea for a special wood burning tip? This kit includes all the supplies needed to create 8 of your own custom shaped Burnmaster® wood burning tips.

This kit includes 18” (460mm) of the same superior alloy tip wire used to make Burnmaster® brand tips (gauge .91mm / 19AWG). This tip wire is one continuous uncut coil for minimal waste, maximum value and greatest artist control!

Note: tip wire is somewhat pliable (for easy shaping) until heated for the first time.

Also included are 8 pairs (16 rods) of genuine 497101 Burnmaster® precision made copper contact tip rods. These ensure superior electrical conductivity, long tip life and deeper reach. Overall rod length: 1-5/16″ (33mm).

Use notes: Ends are precisely drilled to accept tip wire. Rods must be crimped to tip wire (e.g. tighten in vise jaws) for proper electrical contact.

Compatibility notes: Tips made with these Burnmaster® brand copper contact rods will fit Burnmaster® wood burning pens and Detail Master version-II replaceable style handpieces (pens).

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Burnmaster Brennschleifen Bausatz, 17-teilig

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