Enjoyable and creative summer!

Due to annual leave, I will be unavailable from 15th of July to 15th of August. Therefore, your order may not be processed as quickly as usual. Occasionally, I will also not be reachable on the phone or e-mail. Thank you for your understanding.

Usefull information

Usefull information

Gloves and working with PowerTools

To wear or not not wear gloves when powercarving?

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Moist or fresh wood vs dry wood?

Is it better working with fresh (moist) wood or with a dry one?

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Oprema v domači mizarski delavnici

Na tobi.si sedaj vse kar potrebujete za vašo lastno lesarsko delavnico

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Short presentation of 50mm Saburrtooth sanding and carving discs

In the above video you can see a short presentation of Saburrtooth 50mm sanding and carving discs by PJ from Treeline. He also shows an example of a beautiful art piece you can make with proper tools and an idea of course ;) You will always need both to get to the finish.

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Short presentation of Saburrtooth burrs

Short presentation of Saburrtooth burrs with 6 or 3mm shaft which can be used on any grinder. The most known two brands for 3mm burrs are Dremel and Proxxon.

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