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  • Woodturning Lathe Zebrano ZX800 3HP

This package consists of:

Zebrano ZX800-3HP Lathe
Bowl turning extension for Zebrano lathes
Toolrest support 181 mm
Control box bracket for Zebrano
Indexing plate for headstock

Made In Belgium

Zebrano, with full cast-iron frame:

  • Large bed height for greater stiffness and integrated diagonal truss structure reinforcements for extra torsional stiffness
  • The stand is integrated in the bed for a better stability, which is passed directly through the feet to the bed over a large width
  • The stand has height adjustment with 45 mm vertical movement on each foot
  • Along the bedside finished coupling surfaces are available at different heights for mounting bed extensions and bowl turning devices
  • Easy installation: the feet can stand autonomously making it easy to mount the bed on it with only 2 persons

Zebrano, headstock:

  • Ergonomic design
  • 280mm center height
  • Eccentric and adjustable clamping system. Park position for lever
  • Rotating and sliding headstock with index
  • Fine zero position adjustment for precise alignment of the centers
  • 5 belt positions for correct speed and torque settings
  • Bearing in extreme positions
  • Unique cartridge system for easy belt replacement without dismantling bearings
  • Easy cassette shipment system for professional replacement, repair and overhaul of bearings
  • Three different spindles / bearings for 1, 2 & 3 HP
  • Variable speed setting 60-3.500tr/min
  • Large transparent cover, visible belt position
  • Index 24 positions
  • Spindle lock
  • M33 x 3.5 with protection and ejection nut and complying with the new European chuck and faceplate unwinding Security standard
  • Integrated frequency inverter built-in dust proof cap
  • Integrated 1 (2) additional outlet for small auxiliary machinery or lighting
  • Proven asynchrone motors technology with frequency inverter and variable speed

Zebrano, tailstock::

  • Ergonomically enhanced asymmetrical shape
  • Classical adjustable eccentric clamping system
  • Park position for drive- and revolving centers
  • Nonius mm/inch
  • Quill 100mm
  • Locking pin
  • Axial thrust bearing
  • Auto Eject MK2 tools
  • Extreme Smooth operation

Zebrano, an ingenious tool support:

  • Movable to Banjo back position. Front off-center position setting
  • Curved shape for better access to hollow larger workpieces
  • Classical adjustable eccentric clamping system, with adjustable lever
  • Asymmetric shape for shorter work pieces and access to smaller workpiece cavities

Zebrano, for active safety:

  • Coloured headstock lights indicate machine status, red warning for emergency stop door open, RPM memory function
  • Security lock with special key
  • Door contacts with emergency stop at opening

Zebrano, ergonomic Control Box:

  • With pulse keys membrane foil and thereby dust insensitive
  • Memory function, rpm and emergency stop
  • Movable with strong magnet

Standard accessories:

  • Drive center
  • Revolving center
  • Ejection rod
  • Faceplate dia 75mm/3”


  • Bed extensions
  • Bowl turning devices

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Woodturning Lathe Zebrano ZX800 3HP

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